2014 Knott’s Scary Farm Lineup Announced


Returning this year to Knott’s Halloween Haunt is the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira.  She will be headlining a whole new show this year.  Returning as well this year will be The Hanging.  Who will be the victim this year?

As far as mazes go, the returning ones will be: Black Magic, Forevermore, The Gunslinger’s Grave, Trick or Treat, Pinocchio Unstrung, Dominion of the Damned and the Witche’s Keep.  New mazes will be Voodoo (a choose your own path adventure that takes visitors deep into a Louisiana bayou, The Tooth Fairy (where visitors will make their way through a horrible,dental nightmare) and an all new Trapped: Lock & Key where visitors will want the maze to end, but at the same time can never get enough.

Also, new this year is a kill-house called Special Ops: Infected.  A six acre adventure where guests will be armed with faux military assault rifles used to kill the infestation of zombies.

If you can’t get enough of Haunt, this year for the first time ever they will have a special Scary Farm season pass available to current Knott’s season pass holders.  The cost is only $65 and there are no blackout dates.

Skeleton Keys will once again be available this year,  The keys give you an added experience on selected mazes.


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