The Purge: Breakout – A Brief Review


The Purge: Breakout escape challenge just wrapped up a nationwide tour in Los Angeles, which also included stops in Atlanta, New York and Chicago.  The premise of the attraction was for Purge fans to get the chance to see if they could “survive’ a night (or day) a la the Purge: Anarchy movie which is currently out in theatres.

The 30 minute game has event-goers solving different scenarios, such as finding security codes to unlock different rooms and completing challenging puzzles.  Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions are the talented people behind The Purge: Breakout which comes a after The Purge: Fear the Night.

The maze, announced as an extreme terror/horror experience was set in two double-wide trailers that have traveled across the United States.  Each room in the maze has its own challenging puzzles and teamwork was necessary to solve all the clues before The Purge Began.  Our group unfortunately didn’t make through all the way as the time winded down, but we all enjoyed the interactive experience with it’s authentic set-design and feel of reality, which included a sounding alarm which sent fear down the back of the neck as time left to survive was announced over the speakers.


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