Dare to Walk Through Fears Gate


Fears Gate is a high contender for most improved haunt of the year.  Everything has improved from last year including the actors, sets and scares.  Plus, everything is new including a Mutants vs. Humans paintball maze.  Needless to say, we were impressed with the changes we saw.  Once again, the location (an abandoned hardware store) added to the spooky environment.  The three mazes this year were: Deadtime Stories, Krazed Klowns and Mutant Militia.

Deadtime Stories is what you’d imagine your favorite bedtime stories would be if they turned into nightmares.  This is the most decorated we’ve ever seen a maze at Fears Gate be.  The majority of the actors were right on the ball (some were just standing around), but the ones who gave it their all really stood out, actually startling us a few times.  In one part of the maze you have to actually crawl through a winding dark tunnel.  This was very effective and one of the best low-budget effects we’ve seen at a haunt all year.

Krazed Klowns is a fun maze with an obvious circus theme.  The scare-actors were sparse in this maze, but the ones in it were intent with trying to get a good scare.  The walls were nicely painted and there were a few decent props, but it could have used a little more set dressing.  Still, it was a fun experience and at one time we actually felt like something was following us.  Was it one of the Klowns, or something more unexplainable?

The most fun we had though during the night was the Mutant Militia paintball maze, rivaling anything at Haunted Hollywood Sports.  This maze is a quick paced adventure that pits mutants vs humans as you go from zone to zone shooting paintballs at anything that movies behind the barricade.  There’s also a surprise waiting at the end as an extra bonus that gives you an opportunity to hone your shooting skills.  Here they water effects and the mutants can actually grab you.

Overall we were really impressed by Fears Gate.  This local haunt has a family feel, but once you step inside the mazes it’s a different feel.  It’s not that far from Reign of Terror in Thousand Oaks which we rated as the scariest haunt overall last year, so set aside some time before the season is over to make it a double-header.

Visit them before it’s too late: http://fearsgate.com/


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