Our Dark Harbor Adventure at Queen Mary


Last Thursday we had the privilege of attending the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor media night.  This is something we look forward to every year as it’s our favorite setting for a haunt.  We were excited for the circus theme this year which was different from the nautical theme they had used in previous ones.  Our adventure started when we got to enter the entrance gates before any of the crowds showed up.


When we first arrived we were still waiting for our guest to show up so we decided to go check out the where the food was set-up.  Being served was such delicacies as cow cheek and heart as well as pig butt (not our type of cuisine).  Although, we should have taken advantage of the deep fried Twinkies and Snickers.  Luckily we were soon able to go to the RIP Lounge on the ship where they were serving tacos and had a full bar to wash everything down. The RIP Lounge is located near the ship. While we were perusing the food selections deciding whether to be daring (we weren’t) we listened to the music of The Rhythm Coffin which featured our friend Ghoulio Clownie on drums.




After a little while our guest showed up, who we met at the entrance and brought back to the stage area.  The newest character to Dark Harbor was on stage, The Ringmaster.  The Ringmaster was summoning the spirits of the ship, including the rotting captain and Scary Mary.  After the summoning ceremony concluded and the rotting captain made his dramatic appearance we took the opportunity to take some pictures with these creepy characters.  After that was when the real adventure began.


We walked a little ways and would up getting swallowed by a giant clown.  Inside was a circus!  But this just wasn’t any circus, this was The CIRCUS.  There were horrific scenes such as a knife thrower who consistently missed his target, a hall of mirrors where demonic clowns jumped out and a sadistic puppet master.  With the fear spreading we stopped for a moment to watch a ballet artist who seductively showed us her moves while a trapeze artist floated in the sky above.  We were barely able to get out, but on our way the ground started shaking violently.  We were relieved to once again be under the night sky.


We knew we had to go to the RIP Lounge as we were both hungry and thirsty.  On the way we came across these huge cargo boxes that hid terrible secrets such as Headless Hannah and The Human Crab.


At the RIP Lounge we were able to catch our breath again while we consumed fresh made tacos and imbibed on some refreshing libations.  This also gave us the opportunity to talk with some people we knew who were experiencing their own adventure.  At the lounge was our favorite ghoul who welcomes unsuspecting guests, saying “Welcome to the abattoir of our soul, which we like to call.. Dark Harbor.”


It was finally time to enter the ship.  But something was terribly wrong.  We had actually entered an insane asylum where a terrible plague had spread and the inmates were taking over.  It seemed the staff tried to use CONTAINMENT, but all the staff were dead!  There were horrible scenes such as beds filled with skeletons were there were once people.  What was going on?  We had to navigate through the dark corridors and hallways of the ship to find our way out.  The last thing we remembered seeing was a grossly disfigured creature (was it human?) sitting in a chair staring at us.


We weren’t finished with our adventure on the ship though, In fact it was just starting.  We went through another entrance and the ship was now flooded!  Everything was SUBMERGED.  We walked through until we reached a huge, empty swimming pool.  This was where Scary Mary met her untimely demise.  Not wanting to becoming the next spirit on the ship we moved to a new location.  But this time the ship was on fire!  Everywhere we looked it seemed like we were in the middle of a HELLFIRE.  What was going on here?  First we went through an insane asylum, then the ship was flooded and now it was on fire.  Was there something going on we didn’t know about?  It felt like we had entered another dimension.  We knew we had to get off the ship as soon as possible.


We found a place called THE VILLAGE back on land which we thought would be a safe place to explore.  Boy, were we wrong.  We had just entered an abandoned and haunted house filled with weird creatures and sitting in the living room were two elderly people watching TV, but someone had tied them up.  We proceeded outside until we found ourselves in what appeared to be a hospital waiting room.  What looked like a receptionist told us that “he’s waiting for you.”  We thought “What harm can there be at a hospital?” but little did we know.  There was a room with a bloody girl chained up yelling for help, followed by a butcher who seemed to be operating on the dead.  We knew this wasn’t where we wanted to be so we went back outside and were attacked by trees!  Everywhere we looked there was just darkness and death.  We walked through everything as fast as we could until we were out of The Village and escaped by going on a 60-ft high zip line.


Finally we decided  to explore an abandoned container ship, but this held the spirits of deceased sailors and passengers.  Was this the portal where the DEADRISE?  This whole place was filled with death, spirits and strange characters.  We thought that we had enough adventure for one night and decided to have some pizza as we looked at the other attractions this place held.  There were other food vendors, a hookah lounge, some monster ride that reminded us of those bulls you ride at some bars and the Rock-O-Plane Ferris Wheel.  After surviving the night we were able to look back and realize what a great time we had.

Visit the Queen Mary Dark Harbor website to plan your trip if you dare.


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