Alone: An Existential Haunting Quite Possibly the Scariest Haunt Attraction

Before we even went through Alone we were feeling anxiety,  Perhaps it was because we had done an investigation of the building a few nights before and had some results where the haunt was located, in the basement of the Odd Fellows Temple, built in the 1920’s.  We had heard that this old building, located off of Washington Blvd. in Downtown Los Angeles had a long history.  Going through the basement alone seemed like a daunting task, especially since “real” spirits can get to know you after just one investigation.  The experiences we had just a few nights before led us to believe that the location is truly haunted so we didn’t know what to expect.

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Dare to Walk Through Fears Gate


Fears Gate is a high contender for most improved haunt of the year.  Everything has improved from last year including the actors, sets and scares.  Plus, everything is new including a Mutants vs. Humans paintball maze.  Needless to say, we were impressed with the changes we saw.  Once again, the location (an abandoned hardware store) added to the spooky environment.  The three mazes this year were: Deadtime Stories, Krazed Klowns and Mutant Militia. Continue reading

The Purge: Fear the Night – Golden State Haunts and Events Review


When this attraction first opened, it looked like it wasn’t going to survive through the season.  Guests were left alone to roam the Variety Arts Theater, taking away any opportunity for the haunt to tell a story.  Emergency steps were taken after the negative reviews rolled in.  Ticket prices were dropped and a narrative was developed in a very short amount of time, with barely any rehearsals before hand.  We didn’t know what to expect, but were surprised with the outcome and found ourselves with a sudden rush of adrenaline, having just witnessed the quick-pace and suspense of The Purge: Fear the Night.

When guests first enter they see a television broadcast talking about the events with a presentation from a newscaster who they’re about to meet.  Lucky visitors will be given a special security badge which will make their experience different from everyone else.   Don’t worry if you don’t get one though because there are other opportunities for guests to participate in, such as having to get a key and security card to shut down the New Founders system or helping to deliver a baby.

We were a little confused throughout the event as sometimes we thought we were being taken hostage by the New Constitutionalists and at others being saved by some anti-government establishment, in the end having to sacrifice one of our own to take down the New Founders.  If it sounds confusing it was.  But the main thing was it was fun.

Being a special delegate we got separated from the group and brought into another room where we were asked by a lady to help her find this guy (I don’t know if we ever found him or not).  Then we got taken hostage and were forced into a shower stall where we were commanded to perform a task.  Eventually we caught back up with our group and from there we ran into different situations such as being forced into the back of a truck and having to find an item item on the body of a dead man (who turns out not to be so dead).

What makes this haunt work is the reality of the actors who were convincing especially when they were barking out orders like to face a wall.  The sound effects and sets were also exceptional as was the pace.  Perhaps we were the only ones confused as we had not seen the movie and everything moved so fast.  But that’s also what made it so real.


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride: The GSHE Review


Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride which theme this year was “Based on Actual Events”.  These were events based on murders as well as the paranormal.  We were excited to see how this would play out.  Plus, being paranormal investigators the theme was right up our alley.  We were also excited about who the special entertainment for this year was. Continue reading

A Unique Experience for All at Haunted Hollywood Sports


Last year we were a little disappointed at Haunted Hollywood Sports.  Being its first year though we were understanding that there were going to be some things that still needed to be improved upon and that it was a year of growing pains.  So, we didn’t know what to expect for the sophomore year at HHS.  The media night preview gave us an idea that things this year were going to be better though. Continue reading

X-Rated Thrills and Murderous Chills at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare


Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare has a little bit of something for everyone.  Along with three haunted houses they also have a a vendor zone selling everything from haunt memorabilia to food and beer along with monsters roaming the FEARplex, sideshow acts, a movie playing on the big screen and live concerts that are included with admission.  But, the main attraction of course is the three haunts known as: The Lords of Salem: In Total Blackout, Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World of El Superbeasto in 3D and Rob Zombie’s Haunt of 1,000 Corpses all which range from a surreal and adult theme to pure, grisly terror.  All three haunts are separate but come right after the other in order. Continue reading

Great American Nightmare Behind the Scenes Video Clip


Tomorrow Night kicks off Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare where guests will be able to enter the twisted mind of the horror director and music legend himself.  Along with the Haunt of 1000 Corpses, The Lords of Salem in Total Blackout and Rob Zombie’s the Haunted World of El Superbeasto in 3D there will also be scare zones, a monster midway, food/drinks and nightly entertainment.  Check out the behind the scenes clip below..

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