Paranormal Asylum to Be Released on September 17th


There’s more paranormal thrills set to chill you to the bone when “Paranormal Asylum”, based on true events, is released in the US on September 17th.  The film, directed by Nimrod Zalmanowitz and based on the screenplay by Fred Edison and Gregory Scott Houghton, features an original score by Aldo Shilaku (The Grudge, Spider-Man 3).  Cinematography is by Patrick Ryan Morris and editing by Brian Feeney.  Check out the synopsis and trailer below..Synopsis

Mark and Andy are best friends and aspiring filmmakers seeking their next project. They decide to investigate the mystery of Mary Malone, aka Typhoid Mary, who was sent to North Brother Island, a New York insane asylum, to live in quarantined isolation after she was blamed for spreading typhoid fever. Dozens were infected by the terrible virus, and several deaths resulted as well. She would eventually die on North Brother Island after living for decades in isolation, a tragic end to a tumultuous life.


Now, ninety-six years later, Mark and Andy set out to discover the real truth behind Mary’s demise and travel to the ominous North Brother Island. Not long after their investigation begins, Andy’s fiancée, Michelle, attempts to contact Mary’s spirit through a séance. The next morning Mark and Andy discover Michelle is not herself, and she starts to act strange, filled with paranoia and confusion. When Michelle’s condition takes a violent turn for the worse, Mark and Andy become desperate and seek help by contacting the descendants of those who were responsible for Mary’s torturous death in solitary confinement. Mark and Andy hope they may hold the key to saving Michelle, but instead they uncover dark, sinister secrets and a wicked legacy of pure evil and murder. What began as a simple investigation turns into a battle for survival, where torture and death appear to be the only outcome.

Mark eventually has to accept the presence of Mary’s paranormal existence in order to save Michelle and himself and try to escape. Typhoid Mary may be dead, but she’s certainly not gone. She has a story of vengeance she wants told… no matter the cost.


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