Review: Blackout

On Friday night I got the opportunity to check out one of the new haunts in Los Angeles.  Just a short drive from Staples Center and LA Live, on the 2nd floor of an unassuming building lies Blackout.  Blackout is an extreme haunt brought to LA from New York.  It’s not the type of haunt that has elaborate sets or cheap pop-out scares.

Not for a long time have I had trepidation about entering a maze.  The conversation we had during the evening was whether or not we were scared to do this and if any of us would be able to make it the whole way through.  If you say the word “SAFETY” the Blackout crew will come in and escort you out.

After we checked in and got in line, you could feel the anxiety start to build.  We talked to other people in line about what they thought and many of them were scared.  A filming crew was interviewing visitors about their thoughts about going through.  It was only 9pm and we were told by Blackout staff that some visitors were not able to make it all the way.  I have to admit I was nervous, but I decided no matter what I wouldn’t say the magic word.

Before entering you have to sign a waiver.  You’re also told that you’re going to be given a face mask and flashlight.  We never got the flashlight.  When my time came to go through I could feel my heart beat but the excitement grow.  After reading some reviews online I knew there were some scenarios where I might have a problem.  These dealt with things of a sanitary nature.  I’m not going to give any spoilers, but let me say that there are some scenes that are gross.

Blackout will immerse you in total darkness.  You will feel vulnerable as you’re alone in the pitch black,  At one point I tried to continue on but was stopped by a sexy, young female voice that said, “stop”.  I would get anxious as I stood there until I would try once again to move on.  Each time I did, a seductive voice would whisper “stop” in my ear.  I couldn’t see who was talking.  All the while, someone would occasionally turn me in a circle, grab me or breathe in my ear while I would see nothing but glowing eyes come and disappear.  This was the initiation.  This was exciting.

Throughout the maze you will be grabbed by the wrist and rushed from room-to-room where you have to complete some sort of task.  Each scene is interactive and in its own way disturbing.  You’ll experience seduction, nudity, fog, strobe lights, odors and have things done to you such as being handcuffed.  The whole time it plays out like you’re the central character in a S&M horror film.  When I made it through I felt a sense of accomplishment, but felt like I didn’t have enough.  I don’t know if I’m sick and twisted, but the whole time I wanted even more.

Blackout is a one-of-a-kind experience that will immerse all your senses.  It will leave you energized and feeling alive as you overcome your fears.  When I got home, for some reason I felt completely relaxed and like I was coming off a high.  Today I felt physically and emotionally drained.  Blackout is the only haunt that I would consider erotic and euphoric that at the same time will scare and disturb you.  We were told that the run has been extended as it’s already sold out through Halloween.  I suggest you buy a ticket if you can.


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