Review: Haunted Play

Haunted Play: The Blood Rite has had a continued run due to its consistent sell-outs.  We were glad about this not only because they deserve it, but we weren’t able to attend until November 10th, over a week after Halloween.  Now we hear they may extend the run once again to the middle of December.

The haunt is based out of a turn-of-the-century mansion which is actually haunted and has been used in a number of horror films.  It actually looks like the type of home one would see in a haunted house movie.  The Victorian looking mansion plays the part well, what with its large front porch with columns, numerous stairs in the weed filled backyard and well-worn exterior and spacious interior.  In fact, other than a theme park this was one of our favorite settings.

Haunted Play: The Blood Rite isn’t your typical Halloween haunt with black plywood creating a twisting-turning maze, although there is a section like that.  The haunt takes you through the whole house, including the basement and really uses its setting well. Instead of relying on monsters to jump out and scare you, The Blood Rite tells a story, taking about 10 visitors through at a time, where they interact to move the plot.  Actors, many of them theater trained guide you through and the scares come in creative ways, such as crawling up walls and flying up stairs.

Co-producers Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver have really done a great job putting the whole thing together.  ”1910: Inside the decrepit mansion a family lives in a world of nightmares.  Head of household, psychiatrist Dr. Frederick Lowell, has been working to realize his idea for the next stage of human evolution.  His dark methods have given his prized patients super-human abilities such as telekinesis and thought control.”  Participants will be asked to use their abilities at certain points of the attraction.  ”Following the sudden death of the doctor, the family falls into chaos.”

“1918: Following the Great War, visitors arrive at the mansion drawn by its inexplicable magnetism.  Gunfire, severed human limbs and insanity left to abandon slowly bring repressed memories to life.  The visitors soon realize they are no strangers.  The long lost patients and creations of Dr. Lowell must help a mysterious figure raise their great father from death.”

The Blood Rite progresses rather smoothly while it takes you from outside in the family graveyard, into the house and finally the basement where, as a group, everyone plays their part to complete the various tasks before a demon is unleashed.  Certain items need to be obtained and “traded in” in order to progress to the next scene.  Some of the participants are asked to do certain tasks where they’re pulled aside and get to experience part of the story only to themselves.

We didn’t find the haunt to be especially scary, but everyone else in the group did which caused us in turn to feel the fear with them.  The location, being actually haunted really plays on your senses and psyche and at times you can actually feel the house “breathe”.  The environment is ideal for what everyone is trying to accomplish, a creepy story with a haunting backdrop.  The production value was great, with the costumes and sets/props really tying in to the theme.

2013 Haunt Season Information

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