Review: Haunted Hollywood Sports


Covering the 23-acre Hollywood Sports Zone in Bellflower, Haunted Hollywood Sports features two kill-zones, 4 mazes and a 21+ bar with a DJ and dance floor.  Behind the haunts at HHS is Winds of Plague frontman/vocalist Johnny Plague.  Winds of Plague is an American Deathcore band from Upland, California.

Haunted Hollywood Sports is ambitious in its efforts.  Its two touted attractions are the Zombie Killhouse and Voodoo Killhouse.  In both you don protective goggles and an airsoft gun and are told you have some sort of mission you’re supposed to complete.  While these attractions were different from other haunted houses, they were EXRETEMELY short and other than to shoot things we never completed any sort of mission.  These attractions were somewhat fun aside from how quick it took to go through them, but with everyone shooting the same targets, it was hard to know if you accomplished a “kill”.

We’re not going to spend time talking about the mazes separately as they all were pretty much the same.  When we were there All American Armageddon was not open because we were told, “there weren’t enough people.”  The other mazes were staffed mostly by volunteer kids who were more interested in getting their pictures taken.  Don’t get us wrong, we did have one or two scares from the more seasoned actors.  All the mazes end in the same central location which makes it a little confusing to find the entrance for each one.

The one maze that did stand out was City of Angels which had a religious sort of feel.  There were a few decent props and actors who gave an average performance.  It seemed though that most of them were there to socialize with the guests rather than to scare them.  All the mazes seemed to have some sort of Armageddon theme such as rusty-looking buildings and burn out cars (the sets were built around the airsoft field).  They were long and had a lot of open spaces, but the environment wasn’t utilized for scares as it should.  We feel there are plenty of hiding places for the actors to sneak up on people, but we just didn’t see that.

While it’s great that HHS gives kids the opportunity to volunteer, the costumes and masks we saw them with just weren’t scary.   Perhaps if they were dressed like the twin ghosts from “The Shining” it would have been different.  We feel with more dedicated actors and a bigger budget that Haunted Hollywood Sports has potential.   The kill-zones are fun and something different and the bar is a nice place to relax or get your groove on.  But at this point we have to classify HHS as a local haunt. We were told that HHS changes and makes upgrades every week.  We were there the second weekend, so we’d be interested to see where it’s at now.

2013 Haunt Season Information

Dates/Hours: October: 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th (7:30pm – Midnight) 27th, 31st (8pm – Midnight)

Location: 9030 Somerset Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706

Cost: $29.00-$29.99


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