Knott’s Scary Farm Announces 2013 Mazes and Shows Featuring the Return of Elvira


Last week in front of 2,200+ fans, Knott’s Scary Farm revealed what will be happening for the 2013 Haunt.  The event was emceed by Jeff Tucker and featured Haunt designers and special guests Brooke Walters, Daniel Miller, Gus Krueger and Lara Henneman.  Along with the announcement of the new mazes, shows and scare zones, it was also announced that this year will bring the return of Elvira.



The packed crowd at the Charles M Schultz Theater


Haunt Monsters


Returning Mazes: 

– Trick or Treat
– Pinocchio Unstrung
– Endgames
– Slaughterhouse
– The Witches Keep (Mine Ride)

New for 2013

Dominion on the Damned: Long Live the King

Based on the Dominion of the Dead. This maze focuses on the Vampire King and promises more horror and goth.



The “Forevermore Killer” is on the loose and is getting his murderous inspiration straight out of Edgar Allen Poe stories.


Black Magic

The spirit of Harry Houdini may still haunt an abandoned theatre filled with illusions and demonic magic tricks.



The Gunslinger’s Grave

Set in 1883 in the Old West, A corrupt mayor has hired the Red Hand Gang to kill a gunslinger. After they burn down his house and kill his family they think the job is done. But, the gunslinger is still alive and he’s looking for the ultimate revenge.


Mirror Mirror

The green witch has cursed a mirror and anyone who looks into is sucked into a frightening world where people can ACTUALLY get lost.


Trapped: The New Experience

Last year Knott’s created its first 18+ maze that required a waiver to enter. The up-charge maze sold-out every night. Trapped: TNE promises to be completely different and will feature more of your darkest fears and phobias. This years maze will be larger, scarier and more hardcore.


Scare Zones:

– Ghost Town
– Carnevil
– Necropolis
– *NEW* Village of the Dead



The Green Witch Announces Her Return to Haunt 2013



Elvira’s Cinematic Seance:

The Queen of Halloween is back in this live musical revue




The Hanging:

See which famous person gets hung this year

Carny Trash:

Carnival themed magic show

The Blood Drums:

this high energy drum performance is always a fan favorite

Academy of Villains:

The popular dance crew from ‘America’s Got Talent’


A multi-cultural dance and acrobatics performance

After the announcements members of the press were treated with a reception worthy of any Las Vegas buffet






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