Knott’s Scary Farm Announces Poe Themed Maze as First New Maze for 2013


Knott’s Scary Farm recently announced its first maze for 2013 – “Forevermore“.  Forevermore will be located behind Mystery Lodge for Haunt 2013, formerly home to the great mazes Terror of London, 13 Axe Murder Manor, and Blood Bayou.

From Brooke Walters, the creator of  The Doll Factory and Trick-Or-Treat, comes a new chapter in terror: “FOREVERMORE”. Follow in the footsteps of the darkly troubled writer Edgar Allan Poe through a nightmare conjured up by a modern madman. Each of Poe’s bloodsoaked and terror-filled tales will envelope you in their insanity and horror. Page by page you will descend deeper into the subconscious of the man who invented American horror. Forevermore is gothic horror with a modern day twist. Will you escape? Or will you remain in the horror Forevermore…?


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