HHN Hollywood Announces Details for its Design a Character Contest


Thanks to Universal Studios, haunt fans will get the chance to design a character for Halloween Horror Nights 2013.  The details of the eagerly anticipated contest have recently been released.  Fans can use their imaginations, talents and skills to create a classic monster that we think will probably be used in the House of Horrors.  We have a feeling it won’t be dubstep themed this season.  Read on for the details..

Here’s a chance to put your twist on a Universal Classic Monsters character and have it brought to life at Halloween Horror Nights! Winner and a guest will be invited to experience the design’s unveiling at the opening night red carpet event in Hollywood.

Re-invent or re-imagine one (1) Universal Classic Monsters character from the list below. The design must be your original concept and cannot be based on an actor’s likeness or another existing character design (i.e., a movie remake, comic book, video game, TV show, toy product, etc.).
• Dracula/Male Vampire (as inspired by Dracula 1931)
• Dracula’s Bride/Female Vampire (as inspired by Dracula 1931)
• Renfield/Dracula’s Assistant (as inspired by Dracula 1931)
• The Phantom of the Opera (as inspired by The Phantom of the Opera 1925)
• The Mummy (as inspired by The Mummy 1932)
• The Wolfman (as inspired by The Wolfman 1941)
• Werewolf (as inspired by Werewolf of London 1935)
• Ygor/Dr. Frankenstein’s Assistant (as inspired by The Son of Frankenstein 1939)
• Dr. Frankenstein (as inspired by Frankenstein 1931)
• The Hunchback of Notre Dame (as inspired by Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923)
• The Creature from the Black Lagoon (as inspired by The Creature From the Black Lagoon 1954)
• The Invisible Man (as inspired by The Invisible Man 1933)


Provide an illustration of your character design.

  • Must include full body view of the character and costume (if any) and a separate close up of face.
  • Must include the character name from the list above that you are basing your design on.
  • Can be either full color or black and white on 8.5”” x 11” letter-size paper. 

Submit a one-page written description of your character idea.

  • Must include detailed information about the look of the character’s face, skin, color, hair, posture, costume, props (if any). 
  •  Must include the character name from the list above that you are basing your design on.
  • Must be typed in easily readable font on 8.5” x 11” letter-size paper.

To submit your design for consideration in the contest, you must mail one (1) copy of either your illustration or written description to the address shown on the Official Contest Rules. Your design must be accompanied by a signed copy of the contest rules and include your name, daytime telephone number, address, city, state, zip code, age and email address. Submittals must be received by 5:01pm PT on Monday, July 1, 2013 to be
considered for the contest. Your design submittal will not be returned to you after the contest, so send a copy – not the original.

Universal will announce the finalists on their Facebook page July, 2nd atFacebook.com/HalloweenHorrorNights for fan voting!

Golden State Haunts and Events is not affiliated with Universal, Halloween Horror Nights nor the judging and submission process.  Please visit the Halloween Horror Nights website for more specific information.


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