Sanatorium is Newest Horror Flick from After Dark Films


We love paranormal films especially when they’re set in spooky and abandoned locations.  So, Sanatorium looks like a film we’ll definitely enjoy.  After Dark films is back to horror after having been making action films recently and we’re glad they chose this subject.  Read on for the details..

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FEARplex in Pomona Welcomes the Horror of Rob Zombie this October


We’ve been hooked on Rob Zombie movies since we first saw ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’.  Imagine how excited we were were when the movie came to life at Universal Halloween Horror Nights as a themed maze in 2009(called Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare).  The maze was amazing, themed like the movie with all the same settings and strange characters.  To this day that maze remains one of our favorites of all time at any theme park.  We actually met Zombie that year at the maze as well as the next at Universal’s Eyegore Awards.  Needless to say, we were more than excited to find out that he is getting his own themed haunt park this October in Los Angeles.  Read on for all the details..

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HHN Hollywood Announces Details for its Design a Character Contest


Thanks to Universal Studios, haunt fans will get the chance to design a character for Halloween Horror Nights 2013.  The details of the eagerly anticipated contest have recently been released.  Fans can use their imaginations, talents and skills to create a classic monster that we think will probably be used in the House of Horrors.  We have a feeling it won’t be dubstep themed this season.  Read on for the details..

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Knott’s Scary Farm Announces Poe Themed Maze as First New Maze for 2013


Knott’s Scary Farm recently announced its first maze for 2013 – “Forevermore“.  Forevermore will be located behind Mystery Lodge for Haunt 2013, formerly home to the great mazes Terror of London, 13 Axe Murder Manor, and Blood Bayou.

From Brooke Walters, the creator of  The Doll Factory and Trick-Or-Treat, comes a new chapter in terror: “FOREVERMORE”. Follow in the footsteps of the darkly troubled writer Edgar Allan Poe through a nightmare conjured up by a modern madman. Each of Poe’s bloodsoaked and terror-filled tales will envelope you in their insanity and horror. Page by page you will descend deeper into the subconscious of the man who invented American horror. Forevermore is gothic horror with a modern day twist. Will you escape? Or will you remain in the horror Forevermore…?

Why Valley Investigators of the Paranormal Does What it Does


In it’s 3 1/2 years of existence, Valley Investigators of the Paranormal (VIP) has gone through its ups and downs.  It has lost members as quickly as it has gained them and even went through a period where they thought they were going to shut down for good.  But each time they’ve faced resilience they’ve come back better than ever.  Like any group, company or organization, they have had their critics as well as their supporters.  The majority of the feedback they have got though has always been positive.  Their investigators lover what they do and investigate with the group with integrity and dedication.  Some of their accolades have included being asked to run public events at exclusive locations, appearing in local newspapers, being interviewed on radio shows and appearing on such shows as ‘My Ghost Story’, ‘Haunted Encounter’ and an up-coming episode of ‘Ghost Adventures’.  Their Facebook page has shown tremendous growth over the last few months.  Although all the recognition is nice and hey, let’s face it, everyone has somewhat of an ego, exploring an exclusive location is always fun for them and makes them feel good.  But these aren’t the reasons they do what they do.  Read below what a recent client wrote to see what really keeps them going..

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New Rand Band Clip and Stills from Adam Green’s Hatchet 3


Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder return in Hatchet 3 which will open in New York City’s Cinema Village and in Los Angeles at Laemmle Music Hall on June 14th.  New Director BJ McDonnell has brought the film to a new level, as has the rest of the cast which features Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009), Caroline Williams (TCM 2) and Sean Williams (The People Under the Stairs).  We’re excited for it.  Check out the clip to see why..

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