VIP to Conduct Ghost Hunting Boot Camp at Pioneer Cemetery in Sylmar


The Valley Investigators of the Paranormal (VIP) will conduct a ghost hunting boot camp at the Pioneer Cemetery in Sylmar.

Learn how to conduct your own paranormal investigation using expert equipment. Groups will be lead through a tour of the cemetery and use their skills to pick up sights and sounds from beyond the grave. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of a real paranormal investigation!

Pioneer Cemetery was featured on the Biography Channel’s popular show “My Ghost Story, Caught on Camera” last November featuring the “Ghost Girls” who conducted a seance to connect with spirits lurking at the cemetery.

Tickets are available now at (search ghosthunting). Adults (over 21) are $50, and sub-adults (13-20) are $25; no one under age 13 will be admitted.

All proceeds will go towards the restoration of the cemetery.

For additional information, please call 818-970-1286

Please visit the Valley Investigators of the Paranormal website or visit them on Facebook


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