Check Out 20 Minutes of the Upcoming Legends of Linda Vista


Linda Vista, the hospital in Boyle Heights that was featured on Ghost Adventures has hosted numerous television and film shoots and now filmmaker Francis Xavier is giving us a twenty minute preview of his upcoming documentary film ‘The Legend of Linda Vista’ which is about the old hospital originally built in 1903 as the Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Hospital (changing it’s name to Linda Vista in the late 1930’s).  The hospital closed in 1991 and has been used for filming (mostly horror films) and is now being converted into senior living.

From the press release:

In 2010 a team of filmmakers filming a scene of their serial killer/cannibal feature Poe experienced something beyond comprehension. Xavier, the film’s writer and director, along with producer Michael Kureth and co-producer Jo Ann Smith, witnessed something while filming in the vacant hospital that would change their lives forever. To celebrate (Edgar Allan) Poe’s birthday on January 19th, 2013, at the stroke of midnight, the filmmakers, along with five others, were locked in the Linda Vista Hospital to embark on their own personal journey in order to find the truth of what really lies behind its doors.

Check out the official website for The Legend of Linda Vista as well as the official site for Poe.


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