Human Centipede 3 to Begin Filming in May


Actor Dieter Laser and Director Tom Mix had a legal issue between them that stalled filming of Human Centipede 3, which was to begin production last year.  Now, everything has been resolved and shooting is expected to begin this May.

Laser will return to play a new character, this time playing one half of a duo of villains with Human Centipede 2 star Laurence R. Harvey.  Some of the details that have been revealed are that the film will have a story line no one will expect and that a “big American celebrity” will appear in the film.  This time plans are to have a 500 person ass-to-mouth human centipede.


This is what Tom Mix had to say about the film and his relationship with Dieter: “I know my Human Centipede 3 will be very politically incorrect, but I didn’t want to change anything in the script… I am very happy Dieter will follow my vision for a full 100% now and know he is absolutely the most brilliant actor I could wish for.”


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