Yam Larana’s The Road Review.. by HorrorMovies.CA


2011’s The Road from director Yam Laranas is getting rave reviews and making a few Best of 2012 Horror movie lists. Frankly I have no idea why.

The Road is a Filipino horror movie which has a unique concept and acceptable production values but it is far from perfect and anything but the best horror film of 2012.

The Road is the story of a 12 year old cold case which is finally re-opened when a new incident connected to it draws in the local police.

Featuring a well polished cast of relative unknowns and a truly unique concept its a supernatural thriller that will appeal to fans of the genre provided you are comfortable with a sub titled horror film.

My biggest problem with The Road is that it is a great concept that is under executed and that for me was quite dissapointing.

The film is not very fluid instead choosing to tell its story in chapters and the way it pieces together fell a bit flat on me. It definitely had its peaks and overall its definitely a polished movie but it is by no means one of the best when it comes to foreign thrillers or the best horror movies of 2012.

I suppose the best I can say is its better then alot of the remakes, retellings and low brow TNA horror movies coming out of North America but I expected something along the lines of I Saw The Devil or Oldboy the way this movie was billed by critics.

I give The Road a 3 out of 5 for its unique supernatural angle. I think with more careful editing of the first chapter and better interlacing on the second and final chapter this could have easily gone from an OK film to an excellent movie.

Have you seen The Road? If you have not you can stream it for free on NETFLIX.

If you have seen The Road or when you do, you tell me one of the best horror movies of 2012? Or are you with me that its an ok movie but nothing spectacular. Obviously everyones tastes are different and I am not the biggest fan of supernatural thrillers so I will be curious to hear your feedback below.




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