Cryptonym Media Launches 3D Paranormal-Themed Holiday Gift Set with ‘Puppies-and Soldiers’ Twist


Cryptonym Media introduces the ‘Third Shift Conspiracy 3D Wall Calendar & eBook Package’:
an immersive 3D paranormal adventure told through the pages of a deluxe 3D Wall Calendar
and companion eBook gift set available through our new online store. To honor the real-life
soldiers that inspired the ‘Third Shift’ story, Cryptonym Media will be contributing 51% of all
after-tax profits to two extraordinary veterans’ charities: Fisher House and The Puppy Rescue

Ten years ago, the C.I.A. deployed a special team of three highly skilled soldiers with a topsecret
3D surveillance camera on a top-secret mission to verify or disprove paranormal activity
at 12 hotspots across the western United States. No one was prepared for what they would
deliver – terrifying photographic evidence of real ghosts. Their mission was abruptly terminated
and the soldiers of the ‘Third Shift’ disappeared without a trace. Today, the chilling images
captured during their harrowing mission are beginning to surface and evidence is accumulating
that the soldiers of the ‘Third Shift’ are still alive, living as fugitives from a government that wants
their silence. This collection of images and the stories behind them is dedicated to the brave
soldiers of the ‘Third Shift’ and making public the startling 3D ghost images that we were never
meant to see.

From the creator of the ‘Third Shift’:
“Take a wall calendar: already useful in its own right but kinda ordinary. Rethink that calendar.
Design it around a fascinating true story and stunning ghost pictures, then add the third
dimension – as in FULL 3D! Attach a companion eBook packed with the ghost stories behind
those images. Add some fun bonus swag like a ‘Third Shift Conspiracy’ LED light-up pen, a
glow-in-the-dark silicone bracelet and an expanding story-world of online content. Finally, add
a great cause – how about giving 51% of all after-tax profits to veterans’ charities? Sounds to
me like we have the makings of the most unique and paranormally awesome holiday gift of the
season!” said Cryptonym Media’s Founder and Creative Director, Edward Raeker.


Product Details:
• 2013 3D Wall Calendar
-12-month grid calendar plus 3-month 2014 preview page (11”x17”, opened)
-12 chilling, full-color 3D images
-QR Code on each page that links to additional media-rich online content
• 80-page Illustrated 3D eBook containing the ghost stories behind the images and the fateful
tale of the ‘Third Shift’ soldiers that captured those images.
• Acrylic 3D Glasses
• Glow-in-the-Dark ‘Believer/Skeptic’ Silicone Bracelet
• Red ‘Third Shift Conspiracy’ branded LED light-up Pen
• An ever-expanding collection of ‘Third Shift’ online content

About Cryptonym Media:
Cryptonym Media creates immersive entertainment experiences in a variety of media. With a
foundation in entertainment design and social media, Cryptonym Media is uniquely qualified to
create and deliver story-worlds that grow organically through engagement with their customers.
Cryptonym is, at heart, most interested in telling compelling stories that inspire participation.
About Edward Raeker:
Edward Raeker is a visual artist, author and entrepreneur working in Los Angeles and
his hometown of Minneapolis. Edward has worked in film and television for more than 18
years including 9 years in Hollywood as an Art Director and Designer. Cryptonym Media is
the culmination of that experience and his drive to create truly uncommon entertainment

Press/Media Contact:
Interested in learning more? Cryptonym Media is happy to provide an image kit that contains
logos, promotional images and product photography. Your interest is valued and every effort will
be made to be of prompt service. Please send your inquiries to:
Edward Raeker
Cryptonym Media, llc.
Email: answers (at) cryptonymmedia (dot) com
Tele: (612) 367-6199
1730 New Brighton Blvd., #295
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Please explore the ‘Third Shift Conspiracy’ at


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