The Garlock Incident Brings Fresh Fear to the Found Footage Genre


In Evan Cholfin’s “The Garlock Incident” a group of  seven young thespians and their director travel to Las Vegas to film their movie “Napoleon”.  On their way there they decide to stop in the ghost town of Garlock, California.  Stranded in the middle of nowhere after their truck won’t start, the crew has to spend the night in an abandoned building.  In the morning they find that their truck has been stolen.  The situation deteriorates as one of the young women gets bitten by a snake and everyone starts to lose their sanity, seeing no way out of their desperate situation.


“The Garlock Incident” is a fresh take on the found footage genre.  We’re not going to give anything away, but it’s definitely not what you’re used to or what you may even be expecting.  All the talent in the film does a fine job getting the viewer to believe in their plight.  The setting provides a chilling backdrop and many of the aspects of fear found in the film can be attributed to the environment.  “The Garlock Incident” is light on the gore and provides its chilling element instead by relying on the spooky setting and frustration of the characters.  The film takes a look at what lengths some people will go to get things done the way they want and is a study in survival instinct and mental breakdown.  We loved the environment the film was shot at and enjoyed the slow buildup that wrapped the entire film up in a chilling and dramatic climax.


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