Meet Serial Killer Collin Mason in The Cohasset Snuff Film

“The Cohasset Snuff Film” is raw film making at its best.  There are no Hollywood special effects or camera tricks typical of most horror films.  Instead the movie plays it straight like a documentary.  It is currently premiering at major cities across the US.  Film goers will get to see the infamous film that accomplishes what it sets out to be.

The controversial film takes you into the mind of 17 year old high school serial killer Collin Mason.  Mason says that he know the difference between right and wrong but “doesn’t care”.  That becomes apparent from the moment we first see him and he plans his “masterpiece”, a documented series of killings that he’s filming as part of the yearbook committee.  Obviously his committee teammates don’t know what he’s up to until Collin finishes “the story”.

Director Edward Payson created what’s sure to be an underground hit by making an intriguing film that makes one sympathize for the victims and question the motives of the killer.  The interspersed interviews seen between the murders really makes viewers feel like they’re somehow part of the story.  “The Cohasset Snuff Film” is authentic film making that has you question some elements of society and delves into the psychology of what makes some people do the things they do.

We recently saw the movie at its world premiere and didn’t know exactly what to expect.   As the movie progressed we realized this wasn’t going to be your typical “lost tape” movie.  The film doesn’t take you on a roller coaster ride or keep you on the edge of your seat.  Instead it has more of an “art house” feel and is a contemporary study of the human psyche.   We enjoyed the film for its simplicity and reality and feel it has the potential to be a sleeper hit.  “The Cohassett Snuff Film” is one of the top five independent horror films we’ve seen this year.


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