VIP Investigates Casa del Mexicano and Captures Some Great EVPs

Valley Investigators of the Paranormal recently investigated the Casa del Mexicano in Boyle Heights California.  On hand were five members of VIP along with three guests from Golden State Haunts and Events and television writer and her boyfriend who were doing research for an upcoming TV show. Everyone present had personal experiences including being touched.  There were audible voices heard in the basement and the sound of a child running upstairs.  A shadow was also seen running across the stage.

face near bottom-left of picture (must enlarge to see clearly)

In the following EVP you can hear someone say, “Where’s the baby?”  This was in Dr Diaz’s office where it is said he performed abortions.  Was this Dr. Diaz speaking?

Sometimes EVPs use crude language.  In this EVP you can hear someone say, “What the fuck?”  Where they responding to the conversation they were hearing?

You might want to use headphones on this one.  Sometimes spirits like to come back to places they’re familiar with or that they enjoyed.  This building has served many different functions.  In this clips, one of the investigators asks, “Did you like coming back here?” and you can hear footsteps followed by what sounds like a child saying, “Can’t run in here.”

A group of investigators was in the Green Room near the stage when they heard what sounds like someone trying to open a door.  Was someone coming in or leaving?

Everyone felt they had a successful investigation the night of the Casa del Mexicano investigation and will be going back to investigate further.


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