Shock Fest Kicks Off Festivities with Halloween Party in Burbank

2012 October31st, Shockfest Film Festival pulled all the stops to celebrate Halloween with the indie filmmaker community at Dimples Karaoke in Burbank CA.  The venue was packed with over 50 filmmakers, all of which were shared the festival’s official award nominees.  But this wasn’t the only surprise the Shockfest crew had to offer.  At 9:15 pm, Production Manager Matthew Rosvally proposed to his long-term girlfriend Nique Barber, accompanied to the song “That Halloween Night” by Denis & The Double Dates.  

“We met in New York City, while working at a Haunted House.” Says Matt.  “We moved to Hollywood together to begin our careers over two years ago.  It was about time to show her how much I meant business.”

Much love was shared in the room that Halloween night after the proposal.  Well wishers lined up to offer their congratulations and fellow filmmakers opened up their business card holders to make connections with new friends and like minded artists.

“We see this as the beginning of a new movement”, says Matthew.  “The Indie crowd is craving to unite, and we will do everything in our power to bring together artists, film makers, writers, directors, cinematographers, and any and all people wanting to make their artistic mark.  Let’s make a community.  If the fat cats won’t do it, then why not us?”

Shockfest was created by college professor Guil Claveria, who to this day runs the event with his wife, Alesha Claveria.  The team has worked for over half a decade to make Shockfest the official venue for creative individuals wishing to be a part of the horror community.  They have honored and/or screened many projects in the past from such individuals as Clive Barker, James Gunn, Clint Howard, Mickey Rooney, Eli Roth and DJ Qualls among many others.  Though Shockfest is always honored to pull in well known horror enthusiasts, they pride themselves in their connection with the indie community.  Last years Shockfest, 2011, Guil and Alesha hired Matt as their host under the name Jeffrey Macabre, the Monster from Behind the Closet Door.  But 2012, Matt has taken more of a production position, helping the dynamic duo of horror put together the underground festival.

“That is the point of these mixers,” says Matthew.  “We want to bring people together.  We predict by the end of the Holiday season, Shockfest will be hosting parties just like this every month, shenanigans and all, so those who come to Hollywood to be a part of a horror and/or indie community aren’t disappointed.”

Shockfest runs on November 16th and 17th.  They pride themselves on being the official send off for the Halloween season.  You know, for those hardcore monster aficionados who aren’t comfortable with ending the holiday on the 31st.  Anyone interested in being a part of the Shockfest community can email Matthew Rosvally at or check the website at for regular updates on the event.  To purchase tickets for this year’s Shockfest, go to  For a %25 discount on any and all tickets, use the promotional code “Matt”.  Mr. Rosvally has released this promotional code and encourages all to use his promotional code to purchase tickets for any and all screenings.


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