Director Katie Downer Talks About Orange County Hill Killers

One place in Southern California filled with urban legends is Black Star Canyon located in the Santa Ana Mountains in East Orange County.  Everything has been reported there from weird paranormal events to squatters who chase visitors out with shotguns.  First time director Katie Downer’s film “Orange County Hill Killers” is about four teenagers whose stories and realities blur when they enter the infamous canyon.  We recently talked to Katie after her film won best short at the Shock Fest Film Festival.  Read for the interview.. Continue reading


Exclusive Interview with “Visible Scars” Director Richard Turke – Winner Best Feature at Shock Fest

Not only is Richard Turke a great writer/director, but he’s also one of the nicest and most accommodating people in horror.  We also found out he’s a big fan of the paranormal, so when we conducted our interview we got along great and found that we had something in common.  We were quick to congratulate him on winning the Best Feature Award at Shock Fest for “Visible Scars” and were excited to find out his next project is a ghost story.  In this interview he tells Golden State Haunts his interpretation of “Visible Scars” as well as its inspiration and challenges making it.  Read the interview here… Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Evan Cholfin Director of The Garlock Incident


We love “found footage” films.  There’s something about them that makes a movie mysterious and seem real.  We also like abandoned places.   “The Garlock Incident” is a “found footage” film that takes place in the ghost town of Garlock, California.  “On December 16th, 2011, eight people on their way to Las Vegas stopped in the ghost town of Garlock, California. This footage documents what happened.”  We recently had the opportunity to interview Evan Cholfin, the film’s director.  Read his answers here… Continue reading

The Black Dahlia Haunting Brings Elizabeth Short Back from the Dead

There have been many movies and books done about Elizabeth Short AKA The Black Dahlia.  In “The Black Dahlia Haunting” writer/director Brandon Slagle brings a fresh new twist to the iconic story.  The film connects four unique characters together, each with their own story.  The concept is a refreshing take an over 60 year-old mystery.

In the beginning of the film we see Malcolm (Slagle) find a dagger in a cave up on a hill.  This is supposedly the same dagger used in the killings.  When he touches it he sees violent crime scenes.  The dagger seems to speak to Malcolm and we see him pleading with it, asking, “How can I help you”?  Malcolm calls the police and reports a murder that’s about to happen that he’s going to commit.  Slagle plays the increasingly disturbed character down key which works well for the role. Continue reading

Father Knows Best in Children of Sorrow

Bill Oberst Jr, give a creey and commanding performance as Father Simon Leach in Jourdan McClure’s “Children of Sorrow”.  Oberst Jr. plays the leader of a Christian cult located 200 kilometers south of the New Mexico border.  Simon tries to find his own redemption when he starts the cult after a lifetime of sin and crime.

After Ellen (Hannah Levien) finds out about her sister’s death at the compound she wants to enroll herself to get more answers.  As the film progresses Ellen slowly descends into a world of brainwashing and manipulation all in the name of religion.  Father Simon is able to get Ellen to trust in him completely and succumb to his persuasion once she falls victim to the cult’s influence.

Shot in a one person perspective, “Children of Sorrow” examines the mass-like psychology and danger of this type of environment.  “The Children” are asked by Simon, “Do you love me”?  “Will you always love me”? as they prepare for their transition.  As each layer of the film is peeled back, the darkness of the cult becomes clearer. Continue reading

New Bunyan Movie Poster Warns You Not to Cross Legends

We can not wait to see “Bunyan” which makes its world premier this Saturday at Shock Fest Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.  One of the funnest things to watch on screen is horror films with iconic figures and Bunyon looks like no exception.  We’ve also included the trailer for it so you can check it out…

A group of young adults go to a first offenders program in the woods where they unfortunately run into the killer lumberjack.  Bunyan is directed by Gary Jones and stars Joe Estevez and Dan Haggery (Grizzly Adams).

Does this make you scared to go into the woods?


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