Reign of Terror… Quite Possibly the Scariest Haunted Attraction

Not only is Reign of Terror owner Bruce Stanton one of the nicest haunt owners, he’s also one of the best. He spends countless amount of his own time as well as money to create the most realistic and scariest haunt around. That’s why we were happy to find out that this years Reign of Terror has grown to over 10,000 square feet and added a new maze called “Miner’s Revenge”.

Reign of Terror is actually four mazes in one, each appearing one after the other. They are Miner’s Revenge, Haunted Mansion, Blood Manor and The Asylum. Not only is this a huge, detail-oriented maze, but there’s also a new queue that has to be seen to be believed. Complete with impressive sound, lighting effects and animatronic props, it’s designed like a deserted mining town and features an abandoned shack and bar (complete with skeleton bartender and a piano).

Miner’s Revenge is short but effective. Scares come from above and below. Inside the mine are skeleton miners with pickaxes and a miner with dynamite about to meet his fate. The wooden beam and rock-lined walls give the appearance that you’re deep inside a mine.

The Haunted Mansion sounds like it may be similar to Blood Manor, but it’s actually quite different. While Blood Manor relies on, well, blood and gore.. The Haunted Mansion plays more like a traditional haunted house including graveyard in front with a ghost floating around. It has Victorian-style furnishings and paintings on the wall. You’ll go through rooms such as the dining room with a traditional ghostly dinner, an abandoned kitchen and deep into the freezer (which actually feels ice-cold). There’s a lot more but we don’t want to give it all away.

Next is Blood Manor. Blood Manor is more violent and has blood splashed over the walls. There’s one scene in the bathroom where a guy is hanging himself and there are cockroaches all over. There’s also the traditional pig farmer and even a chainsaw-wielding grandmother.

The final part of the maze is The Asylum. The Asylum takes you through an asylum where the nurses have turned into ghouls and the patients are dying to get out. This takes you through the hospital, morgue and even the boiler room.

Reign of Terror has the most realistic scenes we have ever seen in a haunted attraction. Attention has been applied to every minute detail. You’ll feel like you’re inside a mine, haunted house, outdoors and an asylum. The atmosphere has been created to a level where you’ll feel like the place is actually haunted (or is it)? We walked through the whole time with our bodies rigid and our shoulders high. You will feel the anxiety and tension build the further you walk in.

We highly recommend checking out Reign of Terror. You will especially like it if you like classic haunts as it has a similar feel to Spooky House (Rest In Peace Bob) for anyone who remembers. A lot of hard work has gone into this haunt and it shows.



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