Do You Want to be a Ghost Hunter?

Do you ever watch the paranormal shows on TV?  Is ghost hunting something that you’ve always wanted to do?  Are you seeking answers?  Well, Valley Investigators of the Paranormal is now accepting new members.

San Fernando Valley Paranormal Group, Valley Investigators of the Paranormal, based out of Los Angeles, California started as a small and local San Fernando Valley paranormal meetup group to become what it is today, a Southern California (Los Angeles) ghost hunter team known and respected across the country. Valley Investigators of the Paranormal sticks to a high level of integrity and confidentiality with all paranormal investigations including a comprehensive review of evidence gathered. Our main goal is to help people and businesses troubled by paranormal activity in their home or business free of charge. By using the latest technological equipment we apply an investigative and scientific method to find out why the activity is occurring and come to the conclusion of whether it’s truly paranormal or of if there’s a natural/scientific reason.

Join us by signing up @

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