GSHE and VIP Give You the Chance to Investigate the Historic Casa del Mexicano in Los Angeles

Come Investigate the historic Casa del Mexicano in Boyle Heights, California.

When: Saturday, November 10th @ 7pm-???
Where: Casa del Mexicano
Cost: $27/Person

Contact VIP Founder/Case Manager Erik Vanlier at to make sure spots are available before paying.  Spots are very limited!

The building was built in 1904. Originally a jewish synagogue, in the mid 1950’s the building was aquired by the mexican consulate. It was then handed to the Comite de Benefencia Mexican a subsidary of the consulate and named La Casa del Mexicano. Since the 1950’s, there have been a number of presidents until now the current Martha Soriano.

Over the years, several inexplicable events have been reported by employees and volunteers alike, some of whom have slept overnight in the building. Among the events being reported are apparitions, cold spots, the feeling of being touched, mysterious footsteps, lights turning on and off, knockings walls, and apportations. This building was also investigated by the late world renowned psychic Peter James on my first investigation there. Peter validated the presense of several spirits there.The downstairs women’s bathroom is a hotspot for activity. The apparition of a former male president has been seen by several women there that he has frightened then dissapears. He has been described as one of the presidents whos picture is on the wall at the foyer of the building. A lady fell to her death in one of the many stairways. Feelings of being touched have been felt in the same stairway. A very dedicated doctor who use to work at the Casa del Mexicano many many years ago has been seen in the upstairs offices and balcony. According to Peter James, a boy fell from the balcony and died as well. When Peter was there having no prior knowledge he had also picked up on the doctor and the lady that had fell down the stairs.There has been a rumor going back many many years that there is a secret entrance in the basement that leads to underground catacombs where there is money buried. Some of the former presidents were so adament about this story that at one time there were plans to close down the building to search for it underground.

At last year’s fundraiser women’s loud voices were being heard in the back area where the stage is and the green room come to find out no one was there.

We get reports from even the LCW wrestlers that hold wrestling matches there about paranormal activity.


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