Halloween is About More than Haunted Houses and Trick-or-Treating

I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore Pagan but I do attend rituals every now and then.  I’ve studied everything from Eastern philosophies to Crowley and Wicca.  As a paranormal investigator, Autumn is a time that is important to me because it’s when the veil gets thinner.

Halloween is more than just haunted houses and trick-or-treating.  It’s a time to celebrate the dead as well as the Witches’ New Year.  I still celebrate January 1st as the beginning of a traditional New Year, but Halloween (or Samhain) is around the time of the end of the harvest and the return of the King of Winter.  It’s a time for a fresh start.

Samhain (a Gaelic harvest festival held October 1st-November 1st) is associated with the Catholic All Saints’ Day (and later All Souls’ Day).  It was popularized as the Celtic New Year from the late 19th century.  Many neo-pagans perform cleansing rituals, attend harvest festivals and throw effigies into bonfire flames.

So, if you’re having a rough year or you just want a fresh start, now is a great time to do it.  As we start to head into Winter, remember the dead and be thankful for the harvest.


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