Shriekfest Kicks Off 12th Annual Film Festival with Opening Night Party

Horror fans, producers, directors and actors gathered on the red carpet last night at Boardner’s in Hollywood to kick off the 12th Annual Shriekfest Film Festival which runs from Friday evening to Sunday night.   They took photos on the red carpet, conducted interviews and watched promo stills on a big screen.  Others networked and stood around taking advantage of the free appetizers (the macaroni and cheese and Chinese dumplings were all consumed within a few hours).

This year will feature 37 new films and shorts culminating in an award ceremony on Sunday.  Films are in the sci-fi, fantasy, thriller and horror genre.  LA Weekly has declared Shriekfest Film Festival as “LA’s most successful and entertaining horror film festival!”  Our favorite part of the festival is always the Short Program which they show on Saturday and Sunday and  features 6-7 shorts running just under 2hrs.

Tickets are still available for all three days and the films are shown at Raleigh Studios on Melrose.  More  information including a complete film schedule, description and trailers are listed on their website.






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