First Pics for Hatchett III Arrive in Time for Halloween

We’ll admit that we’re not too familiar with the Hatchet franchise.  But after doing our research we saw how cool this film looks and who’s behind it.  Hatchet 3 is directed by BJ McDonnell (camera operator for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and written by Adam Green (Holliston).  It has quite an impressive cast including the to-die-for Danielle Harris. Continue reading


Exclusive Interview with Carnival of Darkness Creator and Director/Producer Alex Bram in Time for Halloween

Alex Bram recently presented the horror/scifi short film festival Carnival of Darkness III where it was announced that Daywalt Fear Factory would be producing its first feature-length film and where “Behind You”, a spooky ghost story directed by Benjamin Freiburger won best short.  We got the opportunity to interview Alex who is best known for his award winning psychological thriller “Body of Work”. Continue reading

Cydney Neil Announced as Keynote Speaker for the 2013 West Coast Haunters Convention

It’s just been announced that Cydney Neil is coming out of retirement to be the keynote speaker for the 2013 West Coast Haunters Convention.  This announcement comes on Halloween Eve.  Cydney is the owner and producer of Rocky Point Haunted House and now Zombie Junkyard. Continue reading

Hitchcock to Premiere Next Week

“Hitchcock”, with a packed cast featuring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren will premier next week.  “Hitchcock” is about the love story between filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and wife Alma Reville during the filming of Psycho in 1959.  This new poster shows that relationship.

We’re looking forward to seeing this one.

Teaser Poster and Trailer for Hansel and Gretel has Arrived

When we first saw heard about this film we thought it sounded kind of interesting.  Now here’s the poster and red band trailer.  Check it out below…

In this dark spin on the fairy tale, siblings Hansel and Gretel are a formidable team of bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world.

This seems like an interesting spin on the fairy tale.  We’ll see how it does.

Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Released with Gameplay

Well, this has nothing to do with the paranormal, horror or Halloween.  But we’re huge fans of the Star Wars movies and even bigger fans of the Angry Birds franchise.  You can imagine how excited we were then when they released the teaser trailer today for the new Star Wars themed Angry Birds.  As you can see, the birds will be Star Wars characters including Luke and Leia and will have special powers.  The game is set to arrive on November 8th, but Rovio has not said anything if this includes Windows 8 and Windows Phone, which typically come to these platforms after the iOS or Android releases.

I Spit on Your Grave Too to Hit Theaters January 21st

We loved the original “I Spit on your grave” as well as the remake.  That’s why we were excited to find out that Steven R. Monroe (who directed the remake) will be back to direct “I Spit on Your Grave Too”.

Although no cast has been announced at this time, filming is set to begin this November in Sofia, Bulgaria.  We’re looking forward to finding out more about this project which promises “more spitting and more graves”.

Naturally beautiful, Jessica has just settled into New York where she, like many other young women, is trying to make it as a model. But what starts out as an innocent and simple photo shoot soon turns into something disturbingly unthinkable! Raped, tortured, and kidnapped to a foreign country, Jessica is buried alive and left to die. Against all odds, she manages to escape. Severely injured, she will have to tap into the darkest places of the human psyche to not only survive but exact her revenge…