Some SoCal Haunts are Truly Haunted

Although the scares are found during the Halloween Season, there are some haunted attractions in Southern California that are truly, well, haunted.  We’ve actually had the opportunity to investigate a few of these locations.  

Located in the City of Pasadena, deep below the busy streets, is Old Town Haunt.  Owner Ron Rogge has actually allowed a few paranormal groups to investigate what is the basement of the historic Union Savings bank building and go deep into its catacombs which had long been sealed-off.  The location is haunted by a little girl who got tragically sealed in one of the bank vaults and unfortunately died.  Also, there were two bank robbers who tried to escape through the underground tunnels only to be killed when the dynamite they were going to use to seal off the tunnel from the pursuing police wound up exploding.  Investigators have also said that they have come across the spirits of workers who have died doing construction and maintenance underneath the building.  Some of the reports are foul odors, strange sounds, EMF meters going off with no electricity, capturing EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and seeing full-body apparitions.

A little over an hour away is the haunt Coffin Creek, located at Crossroads Riverview Park in corona.  In 1938, Southern California had 14 days of rain which flooded the whole area.  From the Santa Ana Register (now the OC Register):

“As the flood waters subside from 2 week of flooding, 13 coffins were discovered in the wooded area next to River Rd  and Archibald Ave in the city of Corona. “The coffins are believed to from the abandoned Guasti Cemetery in the city Ontario” said Officer Willmans. Officer Willmans went on to say “The coffins were found by some locals floating in a small creek that runs through the woods. The authority’s and locals started referring to this area as Coffin Creek.

The authority’s continue to search the woods for the remains of the 13 coffins. Only 2  coffins had the remains found nearby. The remains of 2 other empty coffins were found in the woods, some 30 yards to the west of what is now called Coffin Creek.”

Paranormal investigators have captured EVP recordings of a young boy named Daniel as well as the voice of something more sinister.  Strange noises have also been heard both inside and outside the haunt.

Haunted Play: Delusion, the interactive haunted “theatre” presentation co-produced by Neil Patrick Harris is actually located in a 106yr. old mansion in the West Adams district.  Rumors are that this old mansion has secrets and spirits that call this old house home.


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